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What Jarvis Elliott predict the SaaS outlook to look like in 2021

During 2020, the SaaS industry continued to saw at an incredible rate. This wasparticularly due to Covid-19 triggeringanewfoundfocus on contactless, cost-saving methodstodeliver results anda substantialROI. SaaS providers aretherefore now witnessing enterprises’ pressingneed to digitize and findeffective ways tomeet the same expectations amidst adisruptedCOVID-19workplace. What has this led to? To some degree, the implications of this arethat some organizations aremovingtowardsproducts that

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How to Secure Your Dream Role by Impressing at a Video Interview

Are you dreading your video interview? Are you unsure how to best prepare for a virtual interview? Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular tool to interview candidates with for several reasons. Firstly, with social distancing restrictions, they are often the only way to interview a candidate. Secondly, with globalisation, it is now common for companies to hire individuals from

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Business Marketing for SaaS Industries

Software-as-a-service SaaSindustries are growing day by day and the goalisto attract, engage and convert visitors into leads. In a crowded marketplace, SaaS companies can stand out by educating potential customers about their pain points and over time, provide solutions to those pain points. One of the most essential elements of SaaS marketing is helping customers understand the product.You can effectively

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