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    WHY US?



We have a great pulse of the SaaS market in NYC but the way in which we operate sets us apart from our competitors in a huge way.

It’s not only about finding talent but of paramount importance to us is that we are truly helping your business reach its greatest potential. Whether it be consulting on the how, what and why about your growth plans, we can strategize with your leadership team to put a plan together that makes sense. We can be trusted to align ourselves as an extension of your recruitment efforts internally. We are often in the same room as our client leadership team for a final interview on a candidate who we presented as they know we will be honest in our assessment of the individual – good fit or not!

The SaaS space is always changing. New investors and rounds of funding often occur, you might need to pivot from your current offering or it could be that you need a major personnel overhaul all together. We have specific, detailed experience on how to navigate through these events and can offer our advice as part of our service.

Who We Don’t Want to Work With @ Jarvis Elliott

I know what you might be thinking – why would a recruitment company NOT want to work with a potential client that is willing to pay them for their services?!

We aren’t looking for transactional relationships where we are simply flinging over resumes into a dark hole with the chance of making a placement. It isn’t solely about doing deals and making placements!

Several of us have worked at firms like this previously and although we had levels of success, our passion is for developing strong relationships with our client base to actually have an impact. We want to become exclusive partners and if an organization isn’t interested in building this type of alliance, we will simply tell them this isn’t a fit for us. There is a method to the madness that we clearly outline upon our initial kick-off meeting that has proven to work extremely well if followed correctly.